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TimeShift - Character Profiles (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 01:51 PM @ January 19th, 2006 :: General Gaming
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( READ ATTACHED PRESS RELEASE ) Since we�ve not proven our impartiality in sometime now, Atari and Saber Interactive today released character bio�s for upcoming first-person shooter (FPS), TimeShift. Covering characters Colonel Michael Swift (character players assume the role of), Professor Ivan Krone, Jasmine Lin General Bruce Mitchell and Emma Swift, the bios cover the basics: who they are, how they�re involved with the Quantum Suit experiment and so on. A snippet covering main character Michael Swift can be found below, while additional profiles can be found by clicking the link above.
Colonel Michael Swift
Colonel Michael Swift (recently retired) has a unique combination of brains and brawn that have helped him to rapidly rise to the top ranks of the Air Force. An all-state running back in high school, Swift passed up on athletic scholarships from some of the country's best universities to join the Air Force Academy where he majored in military strategic studies. After graduating from the Academy at age 21, Swift spent ten years as a combat and recon pilot, flying thousands of sorties. In the year 2004 during a secret mission he was shot down over hostile territory. He spent three months navigating the treacherous terrain of the enemy's land, avoiding capture and battling the elements before successfully reaching the border of an ally. His resurfacing became the stuff of legend and the Air Force soon promoted him to the rank Colonel. He soon became a specialist in the research and development of advanced weaponry for future combat. Upon the death of his wife he retired from active duty and became a full-time father.

When a government agency initiated the testing of the Quantum Suit and the Chronomicon - a highly publicized event - they chose Swift to perform the experiment as he was the only candidate with the proper mix of DNA, brains and strength to perform he job. After initially declining the offer, the tragic death of his daughter Emma causes him to reconsider.

Reiterating past stories, TimeShift puts players in the role of Colonel Michael Swift who, after being tapped by the US Government to test a time-control device called the Quantum Suit, finds himself in an altered timeline after traveling back to the past. TimeShift will across the Xbox 360 and PC platforms during Spring 2006, with the Xbox debut during Summer 2006.

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#1 - Pezman - 01/19/06 @ 02:17 PM EST
Coolest Shit Ever, go buy this now.
#2 - Pezman - 01/19/06 @ 02:17 PM EST
Link some images or something Andrew, let's see this baby.
#3 - Talon - 01/19/06 @ 03:18 PM EST
I for one would love to see what this game looks like with recent media. The latest seven screenshots however are watermarked in the places I know of. If only I knew of someone, perhaps someone that works with the game in some form, that could get me unmarked shots. But alas, I know not where to find such a person.


#4 - Reflex - 01/19/06 @ 04:01 PM EST
Is this what GG has sunk to? Blatently pimping out games that site owners have an interest in the success of?

For shame, for shame. ;)
#5 - Eidolon - 01/19/06 @ 05:18 PM EST
when's the patch come out that makes this game good?
#6 - Ringo2000 - 01/19/06 @ 05:26 PM EST
I heard it was going to be shit myself. : |
#7 - Talon - 01/19/06 @ 05:34 PM EST
Has that direct X look to it ;) Total SOF clone.

Reflex: at least I made that smart ass comment in the beginning of the story. :P No one's denying the bias. lol

Last Edited on 01/19/06 @ 05:35 PM EST
#8 - Ringo2000 - 01/19/06 @ 05:58 PM EST
I agree, definently a SOF clone.
#9 - Reflex - 01/19/06 @ 10:41 PM EST
It better have a Glide renderer. I only play Glide games.
#10 - nemarsde - 01/20/06 @ 03:33 AM EST
I still think this has potential to be a great game, like a 21st century, FPS version of Activision's Time Commando.
#11 - Nova Cat - 01/20/06 @ 05:29 PM EST
That link down for anyone else?
#12 - nemarsde - 01/28/06 @ 03:56 AM EST
Nope, but it does take me to a web site that requires cookies to even access! (Grrr!)

Last Edited on 01/28/06 @ 03:57 AM EST
#13 - Nova Cat - 01/30/06 @ 05:55 AM EST
Ah cool, works for me finally.
#14 - Brain - 01/30/06 @ 06:45 AM EST
Gonna have to check this one out tonight.

*hoping the stench of console is not too strong...
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